Kiddie Korner • Nursery – 3 years old

We take great pleasure in watching your little ones while you study and worship in peace. Our nursery is located in the back right corner of the main floor and is easily accessible from the main Sanctuary or any of our Sunday School classrooms. Should you need to remain in the nursery with your child, all of our services play live on televisions in the nursery so that you will not miss even one moment of church.

For your peace of mind, our Nursery is separated from public access and only nursery volunteers or parents are allowed to enter the nursery area. Every child is securely checked into the nursery and any vital information (such as allergies or special needs) is attached to the child’s back so that all of our volunteers will be well equipped to care for your child. Speaking of volunteers, all of our volunteers have completed a thorough background check and have been trained to give consistent loving care to every child that enters the nursery.

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