The CREW. We exist to glorify God (1 Cor 10:31) above all else. We do this through endeavoring to grow a deeper love for God and for people (Matt 22:36-40). As a part of the CREW, students will feel accepted just as they are, while simultaneously being challenged to grow ever stronger as committed followers of Jesus Christ. The teaching is Bible-centered, ranging from chapter-by-chapter expository preaching to theme-based messages on issues especially pertinent to students today.

Worship is lead by our student band, where our musically gifted youth are able to exercise their God-given abilities (Rom 12:6) through singing and instruments (Ps 150). Any youth who demonstrate godly character & musical abilities are welcome to join in leading worship. All of the songs we sing are contemporary in style, while being simultaneously hand-selected for their theological grounding in the word of God (Ps 29:2).

Our name is an acronym to remind us of the importance of 4 key areas of Christian life:

Firstly, we identify with CHRIST above all else. Before we are anything else, we are Christians, redeemed, bought by the blood of Jesus, and purposed by him to do great things (Eph 2:10). Before we are teens, we are Christians. Before we are our ethnicity, we are Christians. Before we are Americans, we are Christians. Christ always comes first.

Secondly, we believe in living READY – ready for the return of Christ (Matt 24:44), ready to share truth from the scriptures (2 Tim 4:2) and ready to give a defense for the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15).

Thirdly, we stand EQUIPPED to counter the lies of culture (2 Tim 3:17), weather life’s trials (Jam 1:2), and share the truth of the gospel to the lost world (Matt 28:19). This comes through digging deep into Biblical teaching and filling ourselves with the godly wisdom (Rom 12:2).

Fourthly and finally, we walk WILLING, echoing the words of Isaiah the Prophet: “Here I am Lord, send me.” (Isa 6:8). We believe God does not call us because of our ability, but simply because of our availability, despite our many weaknesses and failures, for when we are weak, He is shown to be strong (2 Cor 12:9-11).


The CREW meets above the Gym, at Lantana Road Baptist Church. The address is: 3270 Lantana Rd, Crossville TN, 38572. We have a lounge & game room for hanging our before and after we meet, and a meeting hall for services & small groups.

We meet Wednesdays at 6:00pm – 7:00pm for our main service, and then again Sunday mornings at 8:45am – 9:45am for small groups.


Caleb Johnson, along with his wife Sara are long-time members of LRBC and grew up in the CREW ministry as teens. Their love for God’s word and for the youth of LRBC is evident through their teaching and the way they model Christian living to our youth. It is obvious that their ministry pours out from a lifestyle of following Jesus in every way.

Jacob & Tiffany Hayes are valuable assistants in the CREW. They not only lead the youth-led worship band, but Jacob is a gifted speaker who regularly teaches in the youth group. This couple also grew up in church and have carried their faith into their adult lives with much to offer our teens in encouragement, friendship, and faithfulness.

Ray & Tiffany Brewer are the longest-serving volunteers in the CREW Student Ministry. For more than 15 years they have taught Sunday School classes around LRBC and pitched in everywhere they could help. Almost all of the young adults at LRBC have fond memories of being in their class at some stage in their childhood and soon, their children will as well.


The CREW goes on quite a few trips throughout the year, including a mission trip, summer camp, winter retreat, and more! In the summer we also have what is basically youth group on steroids; VBS, our way. From intense games, to hyper-competitive team competitions, you won’t want to miss CREW’s VBS!

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