Get Connected

Connections happen when people spend time together. Time sitting next to each other in the worship service isn’t the right environment to make lasting friendships. That’s why we do small groups and fellowships. In these environments you can get to know other people and become personally invested in their life. These kind of relationships are what getting connected is all about.

Small Group Sunday School

We believe that true discipleship and healthy relationships happen in small groups. With small group Sunday School, we strive to give you the opportunity to connect with other believers in an environment that helps to grow and mature your faith. This is where the church becomes more than just a building and becomes a community. To get connected in a small group this week, meet any one of our greeters at the front door Sunday morning between 8:15 and 8:45 and they will help find the right class for you!

Wednesday Night Discipleship University

Wednesday nights at LRBC are discipleship night. Throughout the year we offer several classes to help grow your faith and train you to be successful in all areas of your life. From Biblical financial principles to parenting God’s way, each semester will focus on one or more aspects of Christian maturity. The great commission isn’t only about leading people to Christ, it’s about helping those people grow in that relationship. On Wednesdays at LRBC, that is our goal.

Church Fellowships

The old saying goes, “The family that plays together, stays together” and we live that saying out at LRBC. Several time throughout the year, we set aside special times to just hang out, enjoy a meal, and play games together. There is no obligation to bring anything or play anything, our only request is that you come and enjoy yourself. You never know what might happen at a church fellowship, maybe the wackiest game you’ve ever seen or we’ll gather around the piano and sing praises together. Whatever the plan is, I know that you will enjoy spending time with other believers celebrating that one thing that ties us all together, Jesus.

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