In-Person Services will be available Sunday mornings at 9:00 in the Gym and 10:00 in the Sanctuary. Please go online or call to let us know which service you will be attending. The capacity for the Gym will be around 180 and 225 for the Sanctuary.

Guiding Principles:
1. Follow Safety Policy (state guidelines & church direction)—KEEP DISTANCE!
2. Take any Precautions you feel necessary (stay at home, wear mask/gloves, etc.)
3. Respect others’ Preferences (RESPECT others’ choices and comfort levels without judging or
4. Be Patient as we move through this new process of regathering over the next several weeks.

Temporary Rules:
* If you are at high-risk, are experiencing any symptoms, or have any other reservations about your health,
watch the service online from home.

* Keep Six Feet distancing at all times and No personal contact (hand-shakes or hugs).

* Masks or gloves are optional. Please take any steps you need to feel safe. We all know these are uncertain
times and encourage all to be careful to protect yourself and others.

* Parking for the 9:00 service in gym will be on both sides and behind the gym. Parking for the 10:00 service
will be in front of the church.

* Enter building and be seated without standing or moving around unless otherwise directed.

* Seating will be every other row and four seats between each family unit or social cluster (friends you’ve
been around).

* Nothing will be passed around during the service (offering plates, bulletins, etc.)

* Dismissal will be orderly by rows, exiting out of the front and sides of the sanctuary (out of both sides of the
gym in 9:00 service).

* After service is dismissed return to your vehicle without delay.

* Follow any directions from the ushers.

Temporary Restrictions:
* There will not be nursery or children’s church, but there will be a room available for mothers with infants if

* Bathrooms are for emergency use only and children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent.

***We will keep you notified of any changes and update you on activities as they resume in the future.

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