Winter Retreat 2016

Winter Retreat Info

Hey CREW parents,
We will be leaving LRBC Wednesday Dec 28th at noon for the 2016 Winter Retreat! We will not be stopping for food between leaving and dinner so please eat before you arrive at LRBC. The retreat will be at Linden Valley Baptist Conference Center where cell phone coverage is sketchy at best so in case of emergency, if you can’t reach us on our cell phones call the Linden Valley Office at (877)354-6336 and they can get ahold of us.

Items your student will need include:
• Sleeping bag or bedding for a twin bed
• Pillow, teddy bears, blankies or anything else you can’t sleep without.
• Toiletries or “Toilet trees” as Alli used to say it 🙂 soap, shampoo, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.
• Make sure to bring a towels.
• Bible!
• Breakfast lunch and dinner are included on this trip from Wednesday eve till Saturday breakfast. Any other snacks your students want to bring are ok.
• $ for McDonalds on the way home.
We should be arriving at LRBC about 5pm on Friday and we will have your students text or call you when we are about an hour out. Thank you for allowing your student to join us this week and I ask that you will begin praying tonight that what God has planned for them.

Be Blessed,
Bro. Adam

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